Good Morning!

Good Morning. Soft music, coffee smell. That's the kitchen.

Social life.

Social life and cooking parties, surrounded by unique paintings. The artists left their heart with their paintings at the Loft.

The good resolution lives here.

Relaxing in the common room is doing a favour to yourself. Consider yourself invited and enjoy the vibe.

Living the high life.

On the top of a 100+ year old, beautiful building.

The Loft Hostel

Every backpacker needs a little rest. A home away from home.

"If you also don't like the mass production world, try the Loft."

We are here to welcome you to Budapest and also to invite you to join our community at The Loft, a community that shares with each other, explores together and stays up into the wee hours because there is still more beer in the refrigerator and the conversation is too good to end. One that celebrates the thrill of a new city, new food and new people, but also understands the need for long, glorious, uninterrupted sleep (having spent too many nights in airports to save a euro), never ending hot water and the rejuvenating qualities of a perfect, giant couch. So if you are tired, you sleep. If you are hungry, you eat. And whenever you are ready to go outside and see Budapest, we will not drag you by the wrist to the obvious places, but we will stand beside you and help to navigate the twisting roads, quirky museums, cheap cafes and uniquely-Budapest bars that collectively are the pulse of the city. We are a small space at Loft, but it suits us and our travelers perfectly. We are simply ourselves here, but the music is always on, the kettle is always on, we are happy and most of all? We really hope you will join us.